Business Litigation

We provide legal representation and advice in South Texas to all types of business entities including, corporations, limited liability companies (LLC’s), limited liability partnerships (LLP’s), and partnerships. Whether you are just forming your business entity, building or acquiring facilities or equipment, entering contracts for the purchase or sale of goods and services, developing policies, procedures, plans and agreements for your employees or independent contractors, or maintaining compliance with the ever changing and expanding body of laws, codes, statutes, regulations, and ordinances effecting your organization, we can help you find solutions.
Upon occasion, a business may find itself in the position of having to enforce a contractual obligation, or defend a lawsuit brought against it. The Pena Law Firm as your business law/corporate law attorney/lawyer is prepared and able to handle the legal representation in most such matters for business law/corporate law clients as well. This eliminates the necessity for a business to retain additional legal counsel for its business litigation.