Personal Injury

Many of the most horrific auto accidents on our streets and highways today involve large commercial trucks such as eighteen-wheelers or other large freight carrying trucks. A typical fully loaded truck will exceed 80,000 pounds in weight, while the average automobile will way approximately 3,000 pounds. Anytime these two types of vehicles collide, the laws of physics all but assure serious personal injury or wrongful death. Trucks are regulated by both the federal and state government about what they may carry, when they may carry it, the hours a driver may drive as well as a host of other regulations used to promote safety. Whenever there is an accident involving a truck, it is extremely important to act quickly to preserve precious evidence.
Time is of the essence.  Meeting with an attorney quickly after you or a loved one suffers a serious personal injury or wrongful death as a result of a trucking accident is vitally important to preserving your rights. Valuable evidence can quickly washed away or be destroyed if you don’t take the right steps to preserve them.
The Insurance companies have lawyers protecting them and ensuring that they pay out as little as possible.